About Us

Longevity Premier Nutraceuticals was founded in 2011 and is the culmination of our long family tradition and heritage dating over 4 generations. Our families vision started with the owner’s great grandfather who believed in providing the best medical solutions combined with herbal based alternative medicine to those in need. Today we continue this tradition by delivering premium dietary supplements which are built on the values of providing the highest quality products and delivering our unique herbal formulation developed over generations to people around the world.

Our products are from all natural ingredients free from impurities, chemicals or drugs. Our belief in natural supplements is reflected in every process of the production from raw material to finished product. Every single ingredient undergoes a rigors evaluation process to ensure that only the highest quality all natural ingredients are chosen in our products.

Our unique tradition and experience in combining herbal theory with modern pharmaceutical technology with advancement of medical knowledge help us to deliver a wide variety of products for all your health needs. We continue to produce the highest quality natural nutritional supplements that offers the best value for customers.

Today we are thrilled to be a fast growing company providing supplements that promote the health and well-being. We will strive to hold our tradition and principles to offer products of the highest quality for our customers.

Our Mission

Help our customers to be in charge of the greatest gift of life, the health.