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  • LIVER DETOX + WELLNESS: Supports liver health and detox with proven herbal ingredients: Milk thistle, dandelion extract, artichoke extract, beetroot extract, chanca piedra, chicory root extract, and jujube seed.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS & ANTIOXIDANTS: Provide your body with a powerhouse of antioxidant-rich herbs: grape seed extract, turmeric, red raspberry, berberine, ginger, celery seed, alfalfa, burdock root, and yellow dock
  • BEST VALUE: Promotes overall health and wellbeing with healthier and stronger liver. Made in the USA. By combining ingredients typically taken individually, the benefits of each can now be obtained in a single bottle, offering the best value.
  • QUALITY PRODUCT: This product is manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility under the latest cGMP guideline to ensure the highest quality.

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